How to Care for Dried Flower

Dried flowers and preserved grasses are low-maintenance, reusable, and can last for years if properly cared for. Preserved flowers and greenery are preserved with a glycerin coating, locking in the plants fresh-cut look and feel. Preserved greenery is typically soft and supple. Dried flowers are air dried, not preserved with a coating, therefore tend to be crisp, and delicate. Before creating a dried flower arrangement, dried floral bouquet, or any DIY dried flower craft follow these simple tips and tricks.
  • Cleaning
To properly clean dried flowers of dust or debris, gently dust with compressed air or a hairdryer on a cool setting. For dried florals that shed such as pampas, gently shake off any excess. To prevent shedding, apply a coat of hairspray.
  • Care
Store dried flowers and preserved grasses in a cool, dry area out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight quickens their drying process. Typically, flowers naturally dry, especially if they are kept under direct sunlight. This natural drying process will happen to all flowers, and placing them out of direct sunlight will slow their drying process. To prevent fading, apply a clear UV protectant spray.